Financial Planning

We are faced today with change, not only on the political and social front, but in our everyday circumstances. Legislation regarding tax and other financial issues is presently under review, with change being imminent. This and other issues make it necessary for us to revise or re-plan our financial provisions occasionally.

FACT: Only 6% of all South Africans are able to retire without having to depend on anyone else for financial support.

FACT: Nearly 33% of deceased estates are technically insolvent.

In the light of this, one needs to stop and ask the following:

  • Does my estate, that I have taken so much trouble to build, have the capacity to withstand the ravages of inflation?
  • Does my financial planning take into account the latest tax and estate duty implications?
  • Do I pay unnecessary tax?
  • Will I be financially independent at retirement?
  • Will my family be properly provided for should I no longer be able to support them?
  • How do I give my children and advantaged start in an uncertain environment?

What will be the state of my business financially, should I become disabled and lose my ability to continue to work?